Help with Go Video VR2940


New here and maybe posting in the wrong place. I bought my kids this Go Video VHS to DVD Burner one button box, it was a year or so ago and bought it new, we were trying for the first time to record my daughters dance video from 19995 to DVD, and now after putting two in the machine

NEVER pushing DVD TO VHS we have two tapes that seem to be erased, I have went through setup, read on line, cannot find manual right now but read most all of everything I could find on line,

Can someone point me to the right place, the only thing we did get is a dvd out of it with one chapter mark but no dance no video no sound, no other inputs wired in, just door to door and one button but we seemed to have ruined both VHS tapes and not sure if we can find anymore , I should have done it the old fashioned way VHS to VHS with two VCRS first but it looked so easy, now I am not sure if it might have put the video in memory in the machine [wishful thinking] or what the heck we did wrong,

can anyone help us and or send us to the right section here to try to get help?

Thanks so much, nothing like ruining the last of a very important tape thinking one button is the way to go,

Thanks again,


Always remove the tab on the vhs tape, so that you can’t accidentally record over it. I’m not familiar with your recorder, but I have a different model, and whenever I am using it, I have the instruction manual in my hands, I read it twice before touching anything, and I double check each step along the way. I lost some family video years ago, because I didn’t break the tab off. I put it in the vcr to watch later, and my kids recorded over it. I feel your pain…

Appreciate the kind words, I read the manual on line, the kids lost the paper copy. I should have removed the tab but did not, do appreciate the kind words. My question is I KNOW FOR A FACT THERE WAS NO RECORD BUTTON PUSHED EXCEPT VHS TO DVD>

My question is if anyone knows if the recorder stores the data and then burns later, the manual mentions on the fly formatting and says it is faster, so it has to go into something then out.

Again appreciate the kind words.