Help with Ghost image!

Hi guys, ive created a ghost image of my harddrive into 3 650mb files, named: d_drive.d2i, d_drive_s01.d2i, d_drive_s02.d2i and a 2kb recovery file.
My question is, which would be image number one, and what do i do with the recovery file, burn to cd1? Help would be appreciated…sasarchiver

I would say that “d_drive.d2i” is the first and yes i burn the recovery file to disk 1 and test it. When I ghosted my drive C Norton just burnt it to DVD as it was doing it. So im not sure how you have done it


Ahh i c, well i choosed to backup to file, like 3 650mb segments. But i was stumped on the recovery file lol, also i checked the time of creation, and the d_drive was created after d_drive_01 ?? probaly the way it works i guess…anyways thanks for ur advise sasarchiver