Help with game protection please

hi guys. i got a-ray scanner & clonyxxl to scan my game disks to see what protection they have. on clonyxxl what are the skulls for? the protection on my games werent detected on clonyxxl sometimes. the protection for my games were: GUILD WARS FACTIONS-NONE/UNKNOWN. FAR CRY-SAFEDISC 3.20.022(V2 ON CLONYXXL). F.E.A.R-SECUROM DVD. QUAKE4-SAFEDISC 4.60.00(V2 ON CLONYXXL). HALF LIFE2 EPISODE1-NONE/UNKNOWN. OBLIVION-NONE/UNKNOWN. THE MOVIES-SAFEDISC 4.60.000.(V2). BLACK & WHITE-SAFEDISC (V2). PREY-SECUROM & IS THIS ABOUT RIGHT?? also, does anyone know of any other scanners?? I WOULD APPPRECIATE ANY HELP OR IDEAS YOU MAY HAVE. THANK YOU p.s. I POSTED THIS GAME IN THE WRONG SECTION SO AM POSTING AGAIN. SORRY

use protection id 5.1e instead of clony xxl because clony isn’t updated anymore. The skulls are for the difficulty of the protection (1 skull= easy; and so on). The protection isn’t shown as protected because clony is too old. To use protection id you have to first install the game and scan the game exe.