Help with game files MDS & MDF

Ok here we go

I have 2 files for a game:
one is MDF which is 4.7gb
and one is MDS which is 4kb

Here is my problem I can burn this ps2 game by using alcohol 120 no problem by loading the MDS and carrying on from there.
My ps2 loads the game fine and I can even get into the actual game, but from the start of the Playstation2 screen it is flasing constantly in black in white. I have told this is due to the version of the game its PAL and not NTSC.

So is there something that needs to be done for me to get this to work on my ps2?

Any help would be great


Maybe you should have bought the NTSC one instead? :wink: I’m not really sure if there is a way to change that