Help with ftp. Can you point me to a site?



Hi, I was trying to download some music to burn and a game from a Warez site using CuteFTP but I had no luck. I know nothing about FTP and newsgroups so I didn't know what to do when I was given this address: ftp://gamez:gamez@12.345.678.90/gamez/
(I changed the numbers).
How do I use that to get to the files I want?

If nobody wants to write me the 'easy' answer can someone please point me to a site that will.

Thanks people.



i have an easy answer for ya:

in CuteFTP, enter the server as: 12.345.678.90

make your username: gamez

and make the password: gamez

then connect!


This one’s even easier! Use FlashFXP, if you copy and paste such an address in FlashFXP, it figures out the details mentioned by Squage itself.



I use Leech FTP and yoy just fill in the whole adress and it connects itself.


In CuteFTP, just copy the full address in the clipboard and CuteFTP will connect to the site automatically