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hi guys firstly i dont know if this is the right place, but heres my problem:

i have got the freelock download and it is now on a floppy disc, then i read the readme on the disc, and it says about a bin file and a cue file, i used roxio to make them and when i put the protection on to the cue and bin files, it wont let me re-burn them with nero, CDRWIN, alcohol 120% or even roxio!?

what could be the cause of this, or can someone post and tell me a ‘simple’ step by step?


This is on 1st May, 2006 and the problem is also bothering me, how to solve? anyone? Quick, Quick …


Here Again,
Got the answer here, thanks to the original writer named below I am just keeping it here in case anyone need the same. Thanks and here you go …
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Yes, plays in both PC and standalone DVD Player.

Ok here it goes step by step:

1º: Download and Freelock to a floppy disk and execute it, you’ll need a floppy disk to install freelock. Then you run genlock from the floppy, it will ask you to create a file with errors on drive ©, just press C to create freelock.dat

2º: Create a CUE/BIN image of your VCD/SVCD with simple name ex: (Aeiou) and not (aadadd aasasa aa)

3º:when you use scandisk you’ll need to create the bad file again

4º:then execute freelock /o NameOfTheCue.CUE the dsk it’s now boosted to 95min

5º: Download CDMage and open the cue… Read the info on the right pane in the end.sector

6º: import 1 or 2 sectors from c:\freelock.dat to the end sector -300 ex:if says 313.561 you go to action menu, choose import sector and put 313.261 then you repeat this step but at end.sector -150 and with 3 sectores instead of 1.

You’ll have to try this 6º step because i don’t do this quite a while and you can try with several ranges of sectors.

7º: write the cue in CDRwin, it will give you an error when the recording is complete. Just remove the cd from the recorder and put it on your player, if he doesn’t detect it you must review the distance and the number of bad sectores to insert; you’ll nedd only to check this once, when you got it right you just write the distances and the number of bad sector into a paper and apply to the rest of the movies.

8: This cd will not be detected in Recording hardware, so if you want to do this you must use the /m /o option in freelock

That’s it.


Well, this copy protection doesn’t prevent copying in fact. It was good a long tme ago… but now with powerfull copying software using 1:1 RAW it doesn’t work. I have done some research of my own. Its not perfect its sure better then FREELOCK.

and here :

Hope it helps