Help with Forced Subtitles



I’ve got a question about forced subtitles when converting to PSP.

Trying to convert LOST episodes to PSP. I know some of the episodes have subtitles. I’ve been “burned” on movies that use the DVD’s subtitles to put subtitles for a small portion of the movie where someone is speaking another language but most of the movie is English.

So, I tried to use “Only use when forced subtitles”.

But what happened is sometimes the entire episode was converted with subtitles and other episodes had no subtitles. I find it hard to believe that Fox made such a mistake on mastering.

Can anyone please explain how to use this feature?



I have struck this with the Da Vinci Code and the forced subtitles are actually held as a separate subtitle which you have to select.

Still in the middle of resolving it myself and, yes, it was authored that way !!!


Further to my testing on the “Da Vinci Code”…

To get the english forced subtitles appearing when french is being spoken, I have to select the first english subtitle track (There are two) and the turn on the “Forced Subtitles” option and also choose to burn them into the encoded file.