Help with Flask MPEG

I am having a prob with Flask MPEG. I have installed VARIOUS mp3 codecs and to no avail have I been able to select one as my decoder. I only recive the choice PCM, Windows media 1 or windows media 2. PCM is giving me too large a file, over 1 gig, while I’m trying to put the movie onto one CD. However, I need to use a mp3 codec or it will not work. I have nearly tried every MP3 codec I could get my hands on and STILL! Nothing :(. I’ve been having a lot of trouble and frustration over this so ANY help is appreaciated. Thanx

leave the sound as uncoded pcm at 48000 hz and do the soundconverting with virtual dub
This works every time with me

Have you tried the latest version of FlaskMPEG 0.78.39 ( from ) I can pickup both Lame MP3 codec or Fraunhofer MP3 codec no probs and these are the only 2 I have installed.

hey ChickenMan where did you get the Lame and Fraunhofer codec’s… i’v only been able to find the encoders… HELP ME:p

You can both those MP3 codec from the latest Nimo Codec Pack from

But be careful, do NOT select Full install, select Custom and chose those 2 codec only. Only ever install the codec you NEED, not the ones that MAY be used, else your system can be really screwed up afterwards.

isent there another way i hate that nimo pack

I absolutely hate it too (seen to many good systems go down because of it) but is safe if you just select those 2 codec ONLY.

Do a search at Google, I’m sure they are around somewere.

thx for the help ChickenMan

I go to Advanced Options - Audio tab and select direct stream copy :cool:

[QUOTE=tmorg;2540380]I go to Advanced Options - Audio tab and select direct stream copy :cool:[/QUOTE]

Sure, EIGHT years later. :rolleyes::confused::doh: