Help with flashing retail Benq 1620



How do I flash? Do I just run the exe? I have WinXP. Should I use a boot disk? Safe Mode? Or just in the regular windows environment?

I wouldn’t mind region-free…should I only download the RPC1 version of the firmware? What is the cvt file for?

I am assuming that the new firmware B7T9RPC1 includes the 4X upgrade for the DVD+r DL right?

Also, is everyone pretty much having good results with the B7T9 firmware?

Finally, this has nothing to do with flashing but I have seen many people on here talking about how their burns were 98% good or something to that effect. How do you measure that? Is there a particular tool I need to use? Where do I get it?

Thanks!!! Can’t wait to test this burner out. I set it up and it’s been recognized in windows. I am ready to go.

Oh and also, I have the latest version of Nero…I didn’t see anything on the list of included software that I really needed. I am asuming that Nero can handle all of my DVD burning right? Or should I go with the Sonic software?


Do you have the retail version of 1620? If so, you can go to BenQ’s website and download the firmware directly (Yes the .exe). Close all programs in Windows and run it, make sure you don’t power off before it finishes.

If it failed, one of the reasons might be you have the OEM version of 1620 (the front plate doesn’t say BenQ), then you can go to the unofficial BenQ firmware website: . Download the WinDWFlash.exe, and the latest .CVT file, run the exe then load the cvt, flash, then you’re set.

The scans can be done using a program made by BenQ called Qscan v1.0. which can be found from either BenQ’s website or the Unofficial FW website.

For Nero, if you want to change the booktype (changing DVD+R to DVD-ROM vice versa), you gotta do it before you burn the disc each time. For other programs, you can use Book Type Management v8.4 made by BenQ. I think, but don’t quote me on that.


As the title says, I have the retail version.

If I choose to go with an official firmware now, can I later update to the region free version?


I haven’t tried any of the region free versions personally as i live in the USA and don’t have any need for it. Yes you can use the region free versions. I’d really like to have a riplock removed version but some say it may not be as good of a reader which might be true but would be nice to have.

#5 -click on “global” from the site map -click on support from there, track down and download the firmware for your drive

It is a windows installer. Have no disc in the drive during use.
Compare scans of your media with scans listed on the scan page.

scan tool located at and you’re looking for cd/dvd speed

If you get results inconsistent with the rest of us, try flashing the firmware again, check cables, IDE drivers, virus scanner, etc. . .

Some people report that a bad flash can be corrected by returning the drive to K or L firmware before “upgrading” once again. This does work. So does the “official” method of simply flashing again with the same firmware until it works. Eleven times for me, and it finally worked as expected. The unofficial method was much faster.
Now. . .the rest of the story: Environmentals such as software, services, power supply, vibration, and more can cause the 1620pro flashers to misbehave.

So, you might want to burn a few discs and make a few scans in “as shipped” condition. That way you can tell if your flash update worked correctly.