Help with flashing drive!

Hello everyone I just purchase a NEC 3540 and I would like to flash it to the modified firmware. Im really new at this and I dont know what to do. I have looked at other threads and have not gotten what I needed. Is there a step by step method I can read somewhere? What version of binflash do I need if I have windows XP and where can I get it? What is the best firmware update to use? and finnaly step by step how do I do this? I really dont want to mess up my new drive so all your help is appreciated Thanks!!

How about this NEC DVD Burner Firmware Flashing Guide?

Thank you very much for the link. Now I do have mt NEC 3540 hooked to an external enclosure. I loaded up binflash gui and it did recognize my drive. now should I try flashing with the external enclosure. I read that it could mess up the flash and the only way to find out is to try flashing it. Will this ruin my drive or change anything if the flash fails?any advice is appreciated thanks!

In theory there’s indeed a slight chance that your drive might be ruined, but I never heard of a single case where this happened.