Help with Firmware

Hey, I just updated my firmware for my (Sony) VAIO PCG-FRV35 laptop. My DVD drive is a Matshita UJ-810. I updated it from C102 to C104. Everything worked fine on C102, but when I installed C104, everything stopped working. So the main question is, what can I do? Can I somehow remove the C104? Can I get the firmware for C102 somewhere?

Laptop: Sony VAIO PCG-FRV35
DVD/CD Drive: Matshita UJ-810

What I have tried so far:

  • Reinstalling drivers: (uninstalling through Device Manager, then instantly restarting)

  • Reinstalling firmware (but it won’t let me since they’re already installed)

  • Setting BIOS to default

  • System Restore

  • Contacting Sony (they couldn’t provide much help and they just referred me to a place to go buy a new one…)

  • I have no “backups” whatsoever.
  • Yes, it’s the right firmware since it matches its requirements of installed that it has to be a Matshita UJ-810 drive with the laptop as a PCG-FRV35
    *And, YES, it’s plugged in properly!

My friend just gave me this laptop recently, so help would be GREATLY appreciated! :slight_smile:

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You can get firmwares here


[B]C104, C105[/B] Only for drives in Sony laptop.

I’ve tried C105, it said I had the wrong drive…

So then I tried C104, I saved the files given to me on my Harddrive… since I didn’t know what to do… so I saved it to D CD/DVD drive… it said that it can’t read the disk inside and there has to be a readable data disk inside…

Anyways the end result is both of these didn’t work.

I’m not sure to understand: Do you have problems in reading burned discs only or in reading [U]any[/U] disc?

Any disc… I also get no errors… Basically, it just acts as if there’s no disk inside.

Then the drive is DEAD and flashing will give nothing, not only because it wont work anyway.