Help with final decision

I know everybody hates the old which one should i buy question, but I need some help with my final decision. My cd burner just crapped out on me and I am in the need of a new burner. I decided to look into a dvd burner and have narrowed it down to the plextor 708, pioneer 107 or the nec 2500 or 2510. I will be using it for audio cds and probably audio dvds down the road but would also like to have ability to back up data and home videos as well as a few tv shows and what not. The reason I ask for help is I am looking for a dvd burning that also does well in the cd burning department for audio mainly. Input is greatly appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry about it as long as you have correctly made the thread title as nobody will even read it if they are going to “hate” your question.

Have you read Plextor PX-708A review here? I’m not sure but PX-712A just might cost almost same as PX-708A. It does at least here and in Japan. (PX-712A write tests) (PX-712A read tests)

Any of the 3 drives you mentioned would be a great choice. If you plan on doing a lot of audio, be aware the Pioneer only writes cdr’s at 24x- slower than other drives.