Help with File Extension B6T

Hi there , I’m currently having problems with DAEMON’s Tools , the last version I think , and I can’t mount the image file I have of it , it says – “Unable to mount image. Unable to open file in kernel mode.”
I’m really desperate and I can’t solve anything , please help.
Thanks in advance!

No one helps :frowning:

^ Your original question is uninformative. Indeed, it isn’t possible to work out what your problem really is let alone answer it from the information that you’ve provided.

well, ive got a file too, which gives me the same error message. its a b6t and b6i image.

If you’ve got the file you should know what to do with it, unless of course it’s a download.

I believe these are BlindWrite files BTW.

You need Blind Write 6 for burning that file! I can be wrong but I think Alcohol 120 does cover that extension too!