Help with file conversion

I didn’t think you were acusing anyone and didn’t take any offence by it or mean any offence by my reply, just friendly discussion. :bigsmile:
I just tend not to ask and assume it is illegal unless it is implied otherwise. I have seen mods ask the same question you did plenty of time so it is fair to ask, but I have also seen a mod close a thread, just to apoligise because the user provided proof it was legal and the thread was reopened. Not all formats that are popular on p2p/torrents are only used for ilegal purposes and in fact theres legal stuff on p2p and torrents.
I’m kind of being a jerk though and hijacking the thread in another drection. As he is doing tv shows we should address the issue (and for all we know it is legal in his country), so back on topic too of the file types he is using. I’m not farmiliar with them (heard of them of course but not done enough work to know how best to deal with them).
Sugestions for the poster?
Fyi to JohnLocke, if you go to the link that geno posted, you can select the format conversion (leave everything else blank), and select the file tipe (like cue to dvd). It will list guides and unfortunatlly when dealing with these kinds of files, it is diffrent programs and proceedures for each. You might want to see if nero (or other all in ones) can do it (I don’t think they can but it ddoesn’t hurt to try).

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This is the same reason because I asked where these files come: I really don’t know what to suggest :frowning:

it does not seem that this program (TMPGEnc Xpress 3.0) will work with AVI formats. i have downloaded a simple avi movie from online, its a photoshop tutorial, cant get much simpler than that… This too will not work. Maybe if someone has had success with AVI movies on this program, they can give the exact version they have. I might be using a diff/ ver, thus the problems. Other than that, i am completly confused as to how to get these things on my dvd player…

Can someone tell me why i couldnt just burn the AVI or WMV or MPEG files directly to the DVD as a file and not a video. Will this work the same? Of course i dont want to reduce the quality.

GRRRRRRRR, and i thought i might actually get somewhere…

There are two reasons that you cannot just burn the data files to dvd and play them (and this might help you understand what you need to do). Dvd players can generally only play mpeg video files (mpeg 1 or 2). If you look at the files on a dvd, there are vob files which are mpeg files. there are usally smaller mpeg files that are the menus or whatever else is on the disk but you can usally tell the main content easilly from the file size. Avi (there are actually hundreds if not thousands of avi formats as you are discovering). A normal dvd player cannot play any of them, only mpeg. The rest of the files on a dvd are basically structure files that tell which mpeg file to play. If you click this button or option go to this mpeg (vob) file and play it. there are also automatic instructions in these files like when you get done playing this file, always go to this file (thats why a movie plays straight through even though the main movie may be 3 or 4 files).

So thinking along the lines of what you were thinking, just burning the files as data, they cannot read avi files but if you convert to mpeg, it might. Some players are going to look for the dvd structure and if it is not there it will not play. Others might play mpeg files (any dvd player can read mpeg files, it just depends on if it will try to read them or error). I have a cheap koss dvd player that I got at sears for 40$ that can play mpeg files burned as data. Some typical dvd players also read vcd or svcd, also formats using mpeg.
Look up your dvd player here to see what it can play.

converting your files to mpeg is just that. Tmpgenc is a program that does that kind of conversion. There are many others. You need to find one that recognises the file formats you are using (the kind of avi’s that you have), and convert to mpeg (preferably mpeg 2 but if you set quality to high you might have problems fitting it on a dvd).

The next part is authoring. You can have an mpeg file and it is a crapshoot if any dvd player will play it. Authoring creates the menus and support files that make a dvd a dvd. Any dvd player will play those mpeg files after authoring.
Fyi, just googling quick, a cue file seems to be an image file. An image file is not really a playable video file (though with the right kind of software you might be able to play it). Basically someone took an svcd or something (svcd are like dvd in that they can have video files and format files like dvd). The cue is an exact image of that disk (it may contain several video files). the other files are image support files (contain info on the image).

take that cue file and try to mount it with daemon tools (it will take the image of the disks and make it artificially seem like an actual disk in a drive. Look what is on that drive (look for the mpeg files) and copy them to your harddrive. Then you are half way there.
To explain further on an image file, a dvd which has many files, when made into an image file, has two files, the main image and an info file. The image is designed to create an identical copy of the original disk, not to be a playable file. You can make an image file of a software disk, and even though the software disk has hundreds or thousands of files, the image has only a couple (the main image and a few support files).

Try daemon tools on that cue file and see what you get.

You can just “burn” the files directly to a dvd, the problem is that disc will not likely play in your set top dvd player. For most dvd players you would have to “author” a dvd. I believe most of what you are looking for could be done with “convertxtodvd” a trial version is available here:
The reason this task seems so difficult is because of the many different types of .avi’s and mpeg’s. They all have certain characteristics that make them difficult for some encoding programs to render them to a “playable” dvd disc. I have had the most success with vso’s ConvertXtoDVD. It is easy, and will burn the disc as well. Good Luck

pacmac is totally right. If you are having problems then one of the all in one programs would be easier and beter to start with. You already have one with nero (look at my previous posts). The problem is that at least with the bin/que one, it is not an avi file. It might be an image of an avi file, but it is an image file and none of these video programs will work. You have to extract the video file form the image (thats a fanct way of saying, the image contains many files, you need to get the video files out). I was searching for a beter defenition of an image file and found this
It explains it beter and there seems to be free software there (if not, try daemon tools). Once you have the video files out of the image file, you have something you can work with.
After that, if there are problems identifying what kind of video file it is, there are programs that can tell the file type (anyone want to help here). Unfortunatlly I use these programs rarlly (and generally post asking cause I cannot remember).
Once you have the video extracted out of the image, you can probably use nero (if it doesn’t work try something eles, I can give recomendations).

WOW, thank you both ripit and pcmac (and all others of course :slight_smile: that about answers all my questions about them. So, i just need to find a program that can deal with these particular AVI’s. Already downloading the ConvertXtoDVD program now. and i am checking into that Daemon. i’ll keep ya posted, i am very determined

I already did some conversions with tmpgenc, and it work correctly.

Rmember: the mpeg must be converted in vob first, and for this you need an authoring software like [I]tmpgenc dvd author[/I]. Did you do this step?

One other thing to mention, I use a program called vcdgear to extract the actual mpeg from an image file (your bin/cue file) you can find it here:
Just read up on the settings, and it only takes about 2 minutes for 1 cd’s worth of video and you will have just the mpeg, that can then be imported into convertxtodvd. Good luck and hope this helps.