Help with file conversion

OK, i’m not so much a newbie (at least i hope not) but am having the worst time tring to get this to work. I have downloaded several programs and even bought a few to do this. What i am tring to do is: Take an AVI format movie and Burn it to a DVD so that i can watch on DVD player w/ TV. The process, as i understood it, was to first convert the AVI format to a MPEG2 VTS file? (Video_TS) I assume that this is possible, and that i am simply using the programs incorrectly. The programs i currently have at my disposal are:

The complete collection of ImToo. specifically ImToo Avi to DVD converter
Nero 7 Premium
Nero Burning Rom
SC Video Converter
DVD Decrypter
DVDFAB Decrypter
DVD Shrink
Alcohol 120%
DVD Audio Extractor (argh, obviously unusefull)

So, if there is anyone out there that has done this with any of the previous listed programs, could you please walk me through the process, because i am lost! :frowning:


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To convert an avi in video dvd you need nerovision or dvd santa. There are many tools to do this conversions, but my suggestion is to use a mpeg encoder like tmpgenc to convert avi in mpeg and then a dvd authoring software like tmpgenc dvd author to convert mpeg in vob.

You can find some guides here

Vsodivxtodvd is free. Load the avi, click convert, burn with Nero and that’s it. The newer shareware versions add more features but the free version gets the job done.

You want to convert them to vob files, not vts files.

tmpgenc and dvd author always worked for me.

Hey, use avi2dvd. Its freeware and can convert striaght to DVD (vob). You can also create menus and add subtitles.

You can convert to MPEG and then DVD, but some programs allow you to do it in one conversion.

In nero, open start smart and find the “make your own dvd-video” icon. Click that and it will open the corect program. You can import your files and then step through the process of making simple menus and burning. fyi the advantage of all in one programs like this is that they are easy to use (I generally use nero). The disadvantage is while they do a decent job with some files, they might not do a decent job with other files and may not bea able to do some file types or some particular files.
Some of the other methods mentioned using several programs are sometimes beter but are generally harder to learn to do. I would just try nero and if you don’t like the final result, then try some of the other methods.

ok, so i had to suggestions for TMPGEnc Xpress and DVD Author. Would anyone care to walk me through the steps to get this done?
remember i am taking an AVI to a DVD player… :slight_smile:

btw, the program looks pretty hopeful, thanks for suggesting

You can find some more detailed guides here

Anyway the steps are these:

  1. Run tmpgenc
  2. Run the wizard (it will ask you all needed informations)
  3. Wait (also many hours) until conversion is complete
  4. Load the mpeg file in tmpgeng dvd author
  5. Do the conversion in vob
  6. Burn resulting files on a DVD

I suggest you to do first some tests selecting a little segment (not more than a couple of minutes) of the avi to see if settings you selected for the mpeg encoding are correct. It’s useless to wait 10 hour to see that you have only a little square image in the center of the screen

how do i get a segment from a 1.4 gb avi file?

ok, so i have my avi movie
Why is it in 4 parts?
The files i have are:

when i go in the wizard, it wont let me open this AVI file. Yet this file plays perfectly in my VLC Media Player

the other movie i want to burn is in *.cue, *.txt, *.bin
how do i convert these… wait, let me guess, different program?

ok, i found a smaller movie so i can play around with it…
Its a Lost episode (love that show)
when i try to open, i get the error that the vieo portion can not be opened, only the audio can be opened.
This IS a straight AVI movie, no other parts that go with it. and it also plays perfect on my VLC media player


Where you find these movies?

huhhh… specifically on

so after playing around with this program, i am able to open *.wmv (some of them) and the MPEG files…

edit: also the *.asf video stream will open

Are they legal movies?

mostly just tv episodes, i have an entire season of lost i would like to burn :slight_smile:
i supose those are legal?

They would have to be as discussing illegal activities is strictlly prohibited on this site. It’s probably a documentary on making tofu!!!
All kidding aside, theres lots of legal stuff on the internet so I generally like to give the benifit if the doubt…

Posted at the same time. I actually wonder that too. As far as I know it is illegal in some countrys and legal in others. What matters most is if it is ilegal in the contry where cd freaks is hosted (as far as discussing it here). Anyone know?
Fyi anyone know where the link to the darknet recording thing was (was it in the news?). Its pretty interesting to see someone from the mpaa in the hotseat on this issue.

I was only asking, not accusing anyone :flower: