Help with failed burns

I’m using Nero to copy some dvd made on a Panasonic standalone recorder. I’m posting the burn log and hoping that someone can help educate me as to what’s going wrong. I’d like to know if these are bad dvd or a burner problem. Thanks in advance …

Burn Log 1

Burn Log 2

Burn Log 3

The problem is more likely to be the media. In the 2 of logs logs it’s a read error that causes the failure & I guess on the Panasonic you’re using RW discs. The other log has a write error to an RW disc.

I’d switch to Verbatim RW media & you may well find the problem disappears.

Well, to go in detail … I used Ritek DVD-R to burn the programs using my Panasonic DMR-E80 . The discs were finalized to DVD-Video. That was in spring of 2004 .

Now I’m trying to copy these discs to DVD-R using Nero Express. I was using dvd-rw after the first dvd-r failed, just to prevent more coasters.

I suspect its a media problem. My guess is that Ritek is not compatible with Panasonic DVD Recorders and the discs produced have flaws.

What’s buggin me is that I’ve both copied and played these flawed discs over the past two years. And then the other day, I try to copy the disc and I get failed burns.

These flawed discs were somewhat important to me, I wish there was a way to salvage the programs on the disc … if that’s possible.

Ritek -R = Ritek G04 (4x) or G05 (8x) I guess.

By now these disks will have died as these have a terrible record for premature failure after burning. Sometimes it’s just a matter of weeks before they start to degrade.

You need a program that handles error retries on reading and DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink might just do it for you.

DVD Decrypter can be found here .

And switch to Verbatim RW disks.

If you have INCD installed try to uninstall it reboot and try again see if that helps.

Thanks for the replys. I’m sure its the Ritek G04 discs. I no longer use them, I’ve gone to Taiyo Yuden for the past couple of years.

I had no idea that dvd degraded. What can I do to protect unreplaceable dvd I’ve recorded on my Panasonic ?

I’ve also tried Decryptor and Shrink, they won’t read the discs either.

Often it’s a case of trying in different burners or DVD-ROMs. Many members here have a selection that they can try.

I’ve had problems re-copying DVDs & what I’ve found is that 1 drive might get file A, onther file B and so on. Eventually I usually get the whole DVD.

Not helpful if you haven’t got options like this.