Help with External Enclosure

I am installing the Pioneer 111D into an external enclosure today, which is something I have no experience with. Ive read into it a bit, and I saw things about setting up jumpers, and setting a drive to master, slave…etc.

I dont know what any of that stuff means, or how to do it. Is this something Im going to have to do? Im hoping I can just plug the drive into the enclosure, and plug it into my USB port, but I have a feeling its not going to be that easy :frowning:

Here is the drive, and enclosure I bought from newegg… its on its way here now:

In laments terms, after I rip open the box for the the drive and the enclosure… what do I need to do to make this thing work?

Its dead easy. it will come with instructions on how you would install the drive into a computer. its not much different. On the back of the drive theres a little tab sort of thing that is slid onto 2 pins, there will be: ma (master) sl (slave) and cs (cable select). Just pull the tab out and slide it onto the two vertical pins under MASTER. Then plug the IDE cable (long horizontal chip looking thing) into the back of the drive, its dead easy to see which way up as one way wont fit haha), then close the case, and ur good to go.

I hope your right… and its as easy as it sounds.

I figured I didnt want to set it to master, since I have like 4-5 other drives hooked up (It was my understand that there can only be 1 master drive which is usually your primary hdd (c:))

Ill have the drive soon, and hopefully it works. Thanks for your insight!

If you put a drive in an external case set jumper to master.