Help with Epsom R200

After a small crash on my pc
For some reason my Epsom R200 wont reconize any of my compatable carts
Tried restore point,no joy
Also wont let me reinstall driver either
Any clues? :confused:


Have you first tried removing the existing driver?
Control Panel -> add remove programs.

You could also go into control panel -> printers, and choose Add Printer to create a second instance of the printer. Then set that one to default. (This fixed some problems for me when I was running Win 98SE, but may also work for other Windows OSs).

If you use more than one brand of cartriges, it is very possible to end up with clogged print heads. Different dye formulations being mixed can result in thickening of the ink, and thus clogging. This has been reported in many magazines/publications, including PCWorld, and PhotoShop User (The official PhotoShop Magazine - - requires a membership to NAPP, though Borders does sometimes carry them, $10 cover price).

Good Luck