Help with Encyclopedia Britannica 2002

I Have Encyclopedia Britannica 2002 in the CD version and I want to make a working backup copy.

I checked out the protection and it did not show up in Clony XXL but scout found it is protected by Phenoprotect 2 .

I have done a search under phenoprotect and Encyclopedia Britannica and have found nothing to help me. There is not much written about this protection except for the breif explainantion in CD media world on phenoprotect.

Could you give me some advice on settings and if it can be copied by clonecd or another program.

Any help would be appreciated.:confused:

Originally posted by trueblue
I Have Encyclopedia Britannica 2002 in the CD version and I want to make a working backup copy.
This is great to know as you are from Australia and I don’t have Phenoprotect. However, my collection of protected CDs is getting expensive. I know nothing of this protection. Could you read the CD using the Game CD profile please and post the whole log into this thread? Tick Log in the Menu and then save the Log after the read. Copy and paste into the post box after you click reply.

Do you have DAEMON Tools? Get 3.23 here. See if the image will run with no emulation (red icon in the system tray).

We’ll go from there after you post your log and D-Tools results.

Try Alcohol120% for emulation as well - hell, try a read using Blindwriteif you have time (and CD mate, too!)

Also, can you describe the box/version exactly, where did you buy it etc, I’ll get it this afternoon :slight_smile:

futureproof I have to go to work now but when I get home tonight I will do some checks and post as you requested.

Ok futureproof

I did some of my own experiments with your assistance and I think that the scout program got it wrong and the britannica 2002 cd has no protection. ( I am not sure why the scout progy read the install disc as phenoprotect 2-however it said no protection was on the two other data discs with the package)

I did a back up copy using alcohol120% using the general protected cd profile, burnt it to a cdrw and a cdr and they both worked and run no probs.

I still thought I would read the image as you asked and post it here it is:

I 7:40:44 PM CloneCD Version started!
I 7:40:44 PM ElbyCDIO Driver
I 7:40:44 PM ElbyCDIO.dll
I 7:40:44 PM CCDDriver.dll
I 7:40:44 PM ElbyECC.dll
W 7:40:46 PM Registered to: UNREGISTERED
W 7:40:46 PM 20 of 21 Trial Days remaining!
I 7:40:46 PM Searching for SCSI/ATAPI devices…
I 7:40:48 PM Device Scan found 3 CD-ROMs and 1 CD-Writers!
I 7:41:39 PM Starting copy from LITE-ON LTR-40125S to c:\windows\TEMP\IMAGE.CCD
I 7:41:39 PM Read Speed for Data Tracks: Maximum
I 7:41:39 PM Read Speed for Audio Tracks: Maximum
I 7:41:39 PM Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks: Yes
I 7:41:39 PM Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks: Yes
I 7:41:39 PM Fast Error Skip: Yes
I 7:41:39 PM Don’t report read errors: Yes
I 7:41:39 PM Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner: Yes
I 7:41:39 PM CD contains CD-Text: No
I 7:41:39 PM Reading Track 1… (Blocks 0-278030)
I 7:45:13 PM Duration of operation: 00:03:33
I 7:45:13 PM Average Speed: 3063 kBytes/s (17.40)
I 7:45:13 PM Reading finished!

I also run the image with Daemon tools and it ran fine.

So I think scout got it wrong.

If you still want the version let me know and I will do another install and check it out- I uninstalled to do some experiments.

BTW it was the first time I have used daemon tools and alcohol 120%.(I now have phantom drives all over the place lol) They are good programs so thanks for your assistance and the heads up.