Help with edit/authoring please

Hi, I’d like to cut some scenes and swearing from some movies. Can anyone help with the links for the needed programs to do this? Many thanks for this wonderful forum and to all the people who help out. I often come in here to search for answers to my questions but this is my first post.

what file format are the movies in ? eg, dvd movies, or avi, mpg, wmv etc.

Hi, It"s just my collection of dvd’s I’d like to re-do for myself

dvd shrink in re-author mode should be able to do it.

Thanks GAZA, I use dvd shrink-it’s a truly great program but it doesn’t do audio only video.

hmm, well ya did say “Hi, I’d like to cut some scenes and swearing” :wink:

to remove slices of audio and not then get the audio outta sync i think you’ll need to demux the dvd with say, rejig, then find some audio editor that can write silence to ac3, like dbpoweramp+powerpack. then remux with rejig. both times in IFO mode. maybe someone else has easiier alternative.

Sorry Gaza, I’m prone to not making myself clearly understood - especially when it comes to computer jargon. Think I might give one of the programs like TMPGEnc DVD Author a look and see if it’ll do what I’m looking for. Thanks Gaza for all your time - It’s very much appreciated.