Help with EAC settings: Encoding in 192 - 256kbps?

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To my question: I just reinstalled EAC with LAME MP3 encoder on my computer after reformatting my C drive. Previously, I had it set up where my music would be encoded between the Variable Bitrates of 192kbps and 256kbps. Now in the encoding options I only have the choice of one encoding rate. I honestly forget whether or not I had to do something special to achieve this again since I hadn’t touched EAC settings in a long time. Does anyone have the slightest clue how to achieve these settings again?

I’m using EAC V0.95 Beta 3 and LAME 3.96.

Take a look at hydrogenaudio’s suggested LAME settings, it explains the different modes (VBR, ABR etc.) and explains what you have to enter in EAC and also gives external links for guides how to set up EAC completely:
by the way, Lame 3.97 beta1 is the currently recommended version, it features speed & quality improvements over 3.96.1
As for the setting to ensure transparent encodings, the best would be to use
-V2 --vbr-new
(same as “preset fast standard”) This gives around 192 kbps variable bit rate encodings.
Note: What you have to enter in EAC depends also on whether you use the Lame.exe or Lame.dll to encode.

Switched over to 3.97

I’m even more confused with that guide. EAC had a setting where I didn’t need to type anything, but it gave me a drop-down option to do the encoding which I am referring to. I’m not following what I am suppost to type in the “additional command line options” box in the compression options. :confused: :sad:

Here’s a screenshot of what I currently have:

The version you’re thinking of is the DLL rather than the EXE, I think.

Anyway, to make good use of the EXE… choose “User Defined” as your parameter passing scheme. That way, dropdowns won’t change LAME’s behaviour at all; the only thing that matters is the command line options.

Since you’ve been using 192kbps-256kbps VBR before, try -V2 --vbr-new %s %d as your commandline options now.

I believe it was still the .exe file. My settings included encoding the ripped wav file to MP3 in an external program, and LAME would encode the song in a DOS window. I’m probably wrong, but worth a guess.

I’ll check out these new settings now and see if they are to my liking.

Yes, that’s definitely the .EXE. But as to having everything really easy to choose from with a dropdown menu… that’s a mystery to me.

Perhaps you need to specify the LAME encoder in the “Parameter passing scheme”

–alt-preset standard was the default setting for Additional comand line options on my setup. This gives you about 192 kbps variable bit rate encodings.