Help with EAC and USB Yamaha drive


I have a Yamaha CRW-F1 CD-RW drive connected to my computer via a USB 1.1 port.

I use EAC for digital audio extraction, but in it’s stock form, EAC won’t recognize a USB connected drive.

Andre Wiethoff gave me the following instructions for enabling EAC to recognize my USB connected drive:

Download from Nero the WNASPI32.DLL and put it into EACs directory. In
EAC options / Interface select ASPI, restart EAC…

I am not too computer literate, so can anyone help me with this installation:

  1. exactly how do I put that DLL into the EAC directory (I’m using Windows XP Home)?
  2. I currently use the native Windows 2000 ASPI layer. Do I need the most recent Adaptec driver?
  3. Tweaking DLL’s makes me nervous because I think I can really screw up my computer. If I set a System Restore point before making these changes, can I reverse the previous changes if my computer starts acting freaky after adding the new DLL?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!


When you download the WNASPI32.DLL from Ahead, you do it by clicking the below link on your web browser (perhaps Internet explorer?):

When you click on the link, your browser gives you a save dialog.

Click “Save” and you’ll get a dialog called “Save As”.

Now within that dialog, using the “Save In” pulldown menu navigate the dialog to the hard drive where your EAC is located. Still, within this same dialog navigate down to the exact folder where your EAC executable is located (it’s called EAC.exe).

Now, still within the same “Save as dialog” make sure that the “File name:” still reads “wnaspi32.dll” (without the quotation marks). Now press save.

You have now installed the Winaspi32.dll to your eac folder. You should now restart EAC (if it was running while you did the above) and follow rest of Andre’s instruction to configure EAC to recognize the ASPI-layer you just installed.

I hope that helps.