Help with DW1620

I just finished burning my first DVD+R DL with Nero 6.x. The burn finished sucessfully but when I put my just burned disc back into the drive, it started making a lot of weird noise (lots of whirls and clicks) and now it won’t read any disc! I rebooted the machine but it still won’t read any disc. Are there any tests I should run or way to check out the drive? I’m letting the drive cool down right now. This is the first time I’ve had any problem with BenQ.

Try disabling Overspeed in Qsuite, this causes some burns to not read if the error rate is high, failing this try a normal pressed disc & if it still fails then it looks like you have a DOA drive.

He is talking about a 1620!!!

What is your DL media type and brand??? there is a lot of crap out there!

Ok, my mistake. Half asleep when posted

It hasn’t been that long. Have you guys forgotten how 1620s have a history of dying.

I would guess it is time to see if the warranty is good. Also, my 1620s have been very picky with the molex connector. Try another power plug if available.