Help with DVRFlash



I’m trying to crossflash my 116D to 116L with DVRFlash and when I get to the disclaimer window I answer yes and nothing appens. The path is DVRFlash.exe -ff D: A0415431.106 A0815001.106
Am I doing something wrong.

Sorry for my english


To crossflash you have to use a matching kernel and normal part firmware file. You specified two normal firmwares, which can not work. A A16 package is available here.


I must be doing something wrong because i can’t do it.
Thanks anyway

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You did read my post ? Post the DVRFlash output you get.


Yes I read your post, and I downloaded the package and set the path
again to A0815001.106 A0015431.106 and when I answer yes nothing happens.
Sorry my english is not very good.
I have 3 pioneer drives that I crossflashed to L ,2 X112L and 1 111L with your MCSE thanks by the way
and never had any problems.


And why do you still use the wrong files and ignore the files from the package ?


Yes I tried with A0015430.104 A0015431.106 but no chance.
I finally got it . I was only typing Y and enter I had to type yes and enter.
When I’d type y and enter everything closed.

Thanks a lot

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Sorry I’m an idiot it did not work because I used the wrong kernel and