Help with DVR-540H and PAUSE LIVE TV




I recently purchased a DVR-540H-S. The manuals states that you have to connect your TV through a SCART cable to the recorder to use the function PAUSE LIVE TV.
In fact, this is what I understand: the recorder uses the videosignal from your TV to record, and not the DVR’s built-in tuner.
PROBLEM: I am using the S-Video output to feed my projector. So I cannot use this nice feature. Is there a solution or a way around for this?




Hello there. I’m new to this forum, and have only had this machine for a few days, but i think i may be able to answer your problem (i’ll take a crack at it anyway).
Put simply, you can’t. But you can, in the weird Pioneer way. Start recording, then hit the Disc Navigator button. You then select the one that’s recording.
Hope this helps.


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, yes I believe this solution is a tricky one but works.