Help with dvds on 108

hey just got my 108 few days ago and i want to burn dvds that can play on my xbox (unmoded) problem is a have .avi files of movies that i want to burn and useing nero vision2 express i cant play them on the xbox. but tehy work on my ps2.

Any ideas?

You need to give us a bit more info!!

  1. File format of film ( Do you mean you have converted the files from avi to MPEG2/DVD/SVCD or are they still avi?)
    2)type of disc (make, dvd+ or -r ?)

  2. have you used these discs on the xbox before to do back ups of dvd films, did they work then?
    4)Which drive has your xbox got? Bitsetting may be important.

    Thompson drive should be ok with non bitset dvd+r

    Phillips - not sure

Samsung drive - definitely needs to have the +r discs bitset to dvd-rom,
which is impossible to do on the 108 , I am afraid. You must use -r discs with the 108 for it to be compatible

See which drive you have got on your xbox here