Help with DVDremake

I did use DVDremake often, but now I have a problem:
I try to import(s) a DVD and this DVD has strange Maps on it

So DVDremake will not open this.

What can I do ??

Thank you very much for your help!

DvdReMake only opens DVD folder containing IFO, BUP, VOB files. JACKET_P and OPENDVD are just extras in the DVD.

Yes, I know. BUt… is there another programm I can do what I wish ?
Thank you!

When I don’t place the Jacket_P and OpenDVD map, the DVD don’t work.
Somewhere in the Video_TS there is a link to this map/these maps !

There is no link to JACKET_P and OPENDVD from the VIDEO_TS folder. If you want these 2 folders, then copy them onto the final dvd compilation at the same level as VIDEO_TS folder, just like the source DVD, and burn them with Imgburn.

Only some DVD players are able to display background image in the JACKET_P folder when the DVD is stopped or ejected.

What is in OPENDVD folder? Probably some data files. Are there files in the dvd root directory? It could reference this folder to function probably.

Both JACKET_P and OPENDVD are not required for the DVD to work. The only required folders are VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS.

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