Help with DVDFab Platinum

I have dvdfab platinum and a windows xp operating system. i am trying to rip a dvd to my computer and then put it on my zune, however, the dvdfab software, nor the program dvd decrypter can find a dvd in the dvd drive, even when one is in there. this computer can play dvd’s using WMP, Real player, and several others, and they are working correctly when i try to watch the movie, but these other programs dont show anything in the drive. any tips, or ideas, please?

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here is the official guide to get started:

are you selecting the correct drive as source? dvdfab usually auto detect when a dvd is loaded without selecting a source drive.:confused: please search here to help find a solution.

use the search this forum function on the right side.


i searched in the forum and it only shows solutions for the “ripit4me” software, which apparently has the same problem. any ideas?