Help with DVDFAB Plat

I have a copy of this program in my old PC and have downloaded a copy in a new PC, Every time I try to copy a movie I get this message that reads “No Media inserted, please insert a compatible media to start the write”. I have written to the company four times in the past two weeks and have not gotten a reply from them. Can anyone help me out?


What media is necessary and what exact media/MID have you inserted into what drive?
You may post the info from dvd.identifier here.

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Hi just4ernie and welcome to cdfreaks

Several recent versions have had bugs, such as a failure to burn files ripped to the hdd (eg., v. You didn’t say which version or application, so it’s difficult to offer specific advice.

Recommend that you download the most recent version (platinum, etc.), which has resolved issues for most users. If you still have problems, post back with some specifics and we’ll be glad to help you out.