Help with DVDFab Express needed!

I have just installed DVDFab Express on HP Pavilion Desktop Computer.

I seem to be able to copy from DVD (source) to hard disk (target) - but I am
having problems then copying from Hard disk (source) to blank dvd (target).

Fab express doesn’t seem to allow me to type into the source option, and
when I attempt to choose the E:\CD Driver from my folders (which is also a
dvd writer) as my target, I am told “Failed to create directory at:
E:\DVD(1)” .

I’m not sure what this means - it seems like the programme isn’t recognising my dvd driver. I have tried different blank dvds, but always the same result.

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I don’t know what to do,



Welcome to the Forums-

Typically the ‘Source’ is a DVD/CD writer or rom and the ‘Target’ is a DVD/CD writer (they can both be the same DVD/CD writer) and you place the disc in the ‘Source’ drive and it will be first ripped - then written to the ‘Target’ drive.

If you originally sent the image from the ‘Source’ drive to a file on the hard disk - then you have to select that location from the oval ‘Brouse Folder’ to the right of the ‘Source’ window and select the DVD/CD writer drive in the ‘Target’ window-eh!

Thanks Mike,

But the thing is my computer only has one drive - DVD writer/CD Writer - and an expansion bay. So I can’t put two dvds (source and target) in at the same time. hence I have to copy to a folder on my hard drive, which went fine, the problem is getting it from my hard drive back onto a blank dvd. It is as if (but I could be wrong) when I select the cd drive as my target, DVDFab express isn’t recogonising it???

I’m completely stuck