Help with dvd2one playback



it seems that every copy i do with dvd2one starts to stop then totally freezes about a third to halfway through playback. wasting a lot of discs. please help! (using v1.1.1, ME, pioneer a03 f/w 2.0, prassi, and various brands of discs)


I have just started using DVD2One; I have had no problem with DVD’s Hanging, or skipping…but, I did lend one today to a mate, he said it played 1/2 through and then froze, jumped a few frames and then just hung in his standalone. He had to switch it off and then on again to get the DVD to eject. I will be watching for any answers to this apparent problem.:bow: :bow:



I am curious if you are doing a full movie…one thing doing a full movie with dvd2one is that it does not remove the layer breaks. This has caused one of my players to freeze.

I had the same problem with the original release of dvd2one that did not remove layer breaks. This is now fixed in the movie only.

If you just do a movie only the layer breaks are removed if you do a full movie the layer breaks remain.

I had to stop using it for this reason to do full movies.


Just checked all my DVD’s done with DVD2ONE all play OK on my standalone player or PC player (Both are R/RW). They do not play fully on my mates player for some strange reason. My player is a Philips DVDR880 which uses DVD+ R R/W discs. The player that won’t play them is a Goodmans DVD Player. I tried some VCD’s and SVCD’s that I had done using DVD2SVCD and the Goodmans set could not read any of them; yet they play perfict in my Philips. Any more input???


Most of these problems have to do with the writing part. Write your discs with Nero 5.5.10 in DVD-rom UDF 1.02 format, and you will have garanteed the most compatible discs…



I’ve used Nero in the past for quite a few DVD’s without 100% chance of success… always skipping here and there or freezing…now RecordNow Max is what I use and never had any problem with it… I’m sure Nero is not the one to use if you want total 100% satisfaction.


I am using Nero I always use the Express part of Nero. I have the DVD/SVCD pluggin; whether that makes a difference or not; pass.

I am not convinced that the problem is a writing one to the DVD; what are the thoughts on the actual stand alone players. O.K. all stand alone’s will play DVD’s some will not play VCD’s, SVCD’s, MP3’s. I am not one for paying over the odds for electrical goods, but I believe there is truth in the saying;…You get what you pay for… You won’t get the same reading quality from a £75 DVD player as you would from a £200 one. If you do we are being conned.:a


“You get what you pay for… You won’t get the same reading quality from a £75 DVD player as you would from a £200 one.”

Yes, usually a £75/99EUR player will play a lot more format than a pricey one!

Most of chinese products play VCD, SVCD, MP3, often mini-DVD, and CVD (china video disc, totally unuseful, but, hey, it CAN play it :-), on CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW.


funnily enough, i use a philips 711 dvd player, which although is a couple of years old, i paid a substational amount of cash for (no probs with vcd`s). if anyone can put their finger on what may be the problem i would be in their debt forever as this problem is causing me sleeepless nights (and moods with the missus!). i get this prob with movie only and full copy. AGGHHHHH!!!



To take the freezing etc on some players a stage further, I tried to redo a DVD that I had compiled using DVD2ONE, incase it was down to a faulty disc. I always just do the movie, never bother with the rest of the tat. Tried to decrypt the DVD using DV Decrypter (Courtesy of GKnot etc.) The intention being to try and re-do the movie using Nero Express, which I have updated today with the latest version. Decrypter would not decrypt the DVD. Any explanations anyone?:rolleyes:


Why don’t you just copy the files to the HD because they are already decrypted!



Yes, I could do that, but I wanted to go through the whole original process to try and find out where the lack of playability was. I guess that by trying to Decrypt the DVD and not being able to, gives me a clue that it is a faulty DVD disc; in that the PC with Decrypter cannot read the files, so some standalone players may not be able to either. I have since tried another DVD rip with another movie, this completed O.K. I will now try and rip the original DVD with Decrypter, run DVD2ONE and Burn it with Nero Express onto a good high quality DVD+R; and finaly try it on my mates recorder to see what happens. Will let you know the result shortly.:smiley:


Goodmans standalones are not good at reading dvd+r.

VCD Help shows only 2 out of their 13 players can handle them see here :

Generally speaking, dvd-r are more compatible with a wide range of standalones, have you tried dvd-r ?


Phil Thomas

Both my PC DVD recorder and Standalone DVD Recorder use DVD+R/RW. I cannot record on to DVD- disks. But I have never tried. Both books on them say you can only use DVD+ Disks for recording. Do you know something I don’t here?:eek:


Unless I missed it, you haven’t mentioned what DVDRW drive you are using. Some drives can read/write to both formats, like the Sony drive. It depends what you have.


Phil Thomas

Sorry Phil, you didn’t miss it; I mentioned what my standalone was but not the PC. It’s a AOpen DVRW2412PRO it will only write to DVD+…Dave



Have you tried to play your discs in other players? Used high quality media? If they play fine using your burner, then i suspect your player is the problem. Have you verified that your player can play DVD-r discs? I had similar problems when I first started backing up my DVD’s and cheap media was to blame for all my failed discs. Now using higher quality media and the problems have disappeared.


thanks cf. i will try higher brand media, as copies still freeze on other standalones. any recommendations on brands? cheers.






Top Brands are plentyfull, Memorex, Verbatim, Kodak etc etc. As a suggestion; don’t jump in and buy an armload try one of each make first to see if it solves the problem. I missed what type of DVD you were using +, - , also do the dvd’s that you do play o.k. on the PC. If your standalone plays DVD RW might be worth burning on to these to check if they work ok. If they don’t you have not wasted anything…Dave :slight_smile: