Help with DVD Writer

I want to buy a dvd burner. but dont know what one to get can any one help me. and tell me a good one


Get a Sony DRU 500A. I have seen nothing but postive prees for the drive.

I have a Vivastar DVD-r / Dvd-ram drive, the Ram drive I use for backing up the PC. The Dvd-r is good for DVD movies & PS2 games, I use the Vivastar software for the PS2 games ie 1: 1 copies. & nero 5.9 for burning DVD movies ( after SmartRippering them :wink: ). Unfortunately Prassi doesn’t work very well with this writer so thats a bit of a bummer but all in all it’s a decent enough writer for approx £200.

I have seen lost of neg. for the sony. However they have a second new FW that might help some.

If i should upgrade from my 104 i’d go with the NEC coming out beginning of next year. Or the LiteOn if i was told the truth this week. Guy told me it should be out FEB, i thought Summer.