Help with dvd writer

I purchased a sony dwg120a dvd writer installed in usb external housing from teckgeek. I have an hp computer with windows 2000 xp. It does not regonize this drive. When I use the add hardware it can not find drivers. any ideas or am I a born every day sucker for not going with a retail drive. thanks

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Could you just confirm which OS you are using: either Windows 2000 or XP?

If it’s XP, do you have Service Pack 2 installed? This and other Windows updates have new drivers for DVD writers included, so installing it may bring some success.

Are you connecting your drive to an external power supply or just to the USB port?
I guess not, but if last possibility is right you have to use direct power because the USB port doesn’t provide enough.
Sorry for this question and tip if you consider it too basic.

OEM or Retail version of your drive has no effect in the drive not being recognized try to uninstall your IDE controller that the drive connected to reboot and let the windows 2000 find the drive and install it. That may resolve the issue.