Help with DVD/Video plugin

Hi Guys and Gals,
I have the full registered version of Nero ultra, but, it won’t load the above plugin(DVD-VIDEO PLUGIN). The software states that it’s included with the Ultra edition.

I keep on getting this message [ Because of restrictions please buy from Nero ]? Help!

MY INFO: I don’t have a DVD drive could this be the reason?

All I want to do is burn/copy my best films to my hard drive.

Any info would be appreciated.

Cassy xx (Scotland)

P.S. if anyone know’s of a download site where I can download this plugin it would be appreciated.

The plugin IS included with Nero 6.3 Ultra Edition.
If you fire up NeroVision Express and select either the DVD-Video or VCD,SVCD & mini-DVD option, it will tell you whether its detected the DVD plugin or not.
The stupid thing that i’ve found with Nero is that i have a DVD combo drive and it doesn’t give me the DVD-Video option, yet the other option says its detected the plugin. Also, Nero Recode will copy and create copies of DVDs!

don’t know if it’s been solved.Otherwise try next:
Open NERO burning rom, go to HELP, select ADD NEW SERIAL.
Add following extra serial: ****
This worked fine with me.

Posting serials is NOT allowed on our forum, if you need to enable more features, buy the plugin!