Help with DVD to PSP and PS3



Hello everybody,

I am quite new to all of this; in fact this is my first ever post on any forum.

I have recently started to copy/back up my own private collection of DVD’s to watch on either my PS3 or and PSP.

I am using “DVD Decrypt” to rip the DVD to my HD and then I use “Any Video Converter” to save the file as either AVI (for PS3) or MP4 (for PSP). I am finding this a very long process.
If I want the film on both formats I am spending hours on converting files and I have recently started to come across some issues with the audio files either being missing or out of sink.

I am more than happy to pay for software that can help, but would not know where to start.
Is the anything out there that will simultaneously copy a DVD into 2 formats?




Well you can try with DVDFab Platinum,use the PS3 or PSP profile, mp4/H.264 and a resolution like, 320x240…But why? The PS3 supports higher resolutions…Seems like a waste to me to use a lower one…Just backup to each individually…One for the PSP and one for the PS3…


Thanks for your response.

Would you be able to recommend a decent file converter, I am using “any video Converter” and sometimes I get lip sink issues.

The VOB file is fine - just waiting 2hours to find it unwatchable is soooo frustrating!!



Been using this lately,works great so far…Try it…Good luck!

Ignore the "install latest K-lite codec pack, part…I recommend you [B]DON’T[/B] install it…


Thanks for your help.