Help with Dvd Shrink

I’m not able to delete the sections that i dont want, the delete option is grayed out.
And also the preview on the bottom left seems to be upside down.
I’m using DVD Shrink 3.1 with a Lite On 812s.
Any help would be appreciated.

Ditch Shrink. Use Nero Recode 2.
Works better

I have Nero 6 Ultra Edition, but i dont see Nero Recode 2, does it come with it, or do i have to get it extra?
And does anybody know whats wrong with DVD Shrink? I backed up a movie fine but i cant take out the extra stuff.

If you have a registered copy you can go to and download the updates for nero which include the recode. Believe it is in the Package 2 updates.
All you do is after you download install and open up and enter your original key.

Are you sure you’re in re-author mode and not full disc backup?

In full disk mode you can’t delete the unwanted titles completly,
but you can choose still pictures from the compression window.
If using re-author mode you can keep only the titles you want but
you will loose the menus.

Regarding the upside down preview window try all possible
video renderers under preferences, preview, select direct x
video renderer