Help with DVD shrink?



Thanks for any help!

So I re authored a DVD (removed some xtra stuff so it fit on a single layer disk, and i end up with a folder with 4x .vob files, 2x .IFO and 2x .BUP.

I can get it to play in Power DVD player but how do I now copy to disk. I tried in DVD decrypter but can only open image files??

How do you all make images out of these files??

Thanks again…


that’s a huge question to answer, but I’ve seen guides for DVD Shrink here, so do a search and check them out. :wink:


Here we are.

To make a disc is sufficient to burn all vob anf bup and ifo files produced by dvd shrink on a dvd. You can use any dvd burning software; I prefer nero because is simple and reliable (but it’s only my opinion).

To obtain an image file with shrink is very simple.

  1. Press backup button
  2. Choose from the drop down menu the option ISO image file
  3. Choose a path to write the image file
  4. After shrink finish to write the ISO file, open DVD decrypter and burn on a DVD.

That’s all


You could Also create 2 folders. VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. They must be upper case with the underscore. Put all of the files in the VIDEO_TS folder, making sure to leave the AUDIO_TS folder empty. Burn as a data disc and it should play in your dvd player. I do this somtimes when i want a dvd with longer names (yes i know i’m being nitpicky)


Go here to G)(osters guide. It’s one of the best I’ve seen.


If you don’t have Nero then geno888’s suggestion is by far the simplest.

With Nero (later versions) , take the Express option (it’s easiest) from Start Smart, select your burner & DVD Video files. Click add & select all the newly created files. Click Finished & follow NEXT.