Help with DVD Shrink

Hi, my name’s Karee.

I’m not new to “computerland”, but I am new to DVD recording. I just installed a DVD-RW driver (with Sonic RecordNow). It was recommended to get DVD Shrink also, yet that is where my trouble lies.

Bottom line… I need someone to hold my hand. I’ve been looking through several forums about both programs for “step-by-step” instructions and haven’t found what I’m looking for. Does anyone know of a thorough FAQ about either or would be willing to answer some basic “getting started” questions?

I’d appreciate it very much.


oh, and as for recordnow! - Sonic would have to pay me to use it :wink:

i as well do not like Sonic and i do not use or recomend,you can get a basic copy of nero cheap and you can try it frirst,also remove and packet writing software you may have on your computer