Help With DVD Shrink 3.2 and Clone DVD

Hi there,

I was able to look back in the archives of the forum and find out about getting two sided DVD’s onto 1 DVD.

Using DVD Shrink 3.2 I am able to get both sides of the DVD on my hard drive. I cannot figure out how to change the name of the file being saved from DVD Shrink to my hard drive. It saves side 1 as Title 1 in a folder named after the DVD. It also wants to save side 2 as Title 1 in the same folder and overwrite the previous sides files. I saved side 2 into a seperately named folder but it is still saved as Title 1 which matches side 1 of the DVD.

I renamed the side 2 files by adding an A to them and then put them into the folder with the side 1 files, I opened CloneDVD and attempted to copy the files in the folder but CloneDVD only read the files from side 1 and not the ones from side 2.

So my question is how do I get CloneDVD to read the second sides files as well as the first side or is there a way in Shrink DVD to rename the title of the files saved from title 1 to like title 2 and save in the same folder as side 1. In Shrink DVD i use the re-author method so I can choose what files I want to copy to my HD.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,