Help with DVD RW's



I burnt a 1 gig film to my DVD RW using Nero 7, and now I want to know how I can add files to the DVD, without deleting my film…


You cannot unless you have burned the file using Multisession mode.


What is multisession mode? Sorry I’m new to all this :stuck_out_tongue: I spose this IS the right forum for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, well i put it all in multisession mode, and NOW it says it cannot be written on this kind of disk (tesco DVD RW). How do I modify the settings to make it compatible?


It says I need RW’s but I have +RW’s. Is there a difference? Do I have to go out and buy a set of RW’s?


Actually what for a movie i mean what kind like avi, mpeg or dvd video files like video_ts folder and also here in your double post it’s now a 2gb movie


Yeah it’s two gig, that was a typo. Anyway they are Mpg files, 3 of them.


3 mpegs which are one movie?


Yeah the film is broken into 3 bits. I dont know what to do :sad:


Check the converting guides here:


How did you write the first movie?
Did you format the RW for packet writing or did you use Nero Burning ROM?
Or did you use Nero Recode?
If you used the second option: did you use Disc at Once? Did you finalize the disc?

Sorry for asking, but when you say that “you put it for multisession” was it using the already written disc?

If you made the first recording as “disc-at-once” the program will tell you that it can’t use the disc because it is finalized.

You can copy the disc’s content to HDD and reformat it (thats the advantage of using the RW at first) and afterwards you can try to use it in multisession.

But as you have so many doubts about disc formats and so on, the better is to follow chef’s advice and look at the link.