Help with DVD+RW

Ok im trying to help this guy out with his Drive just installed a TDK DVDRW 4x/2.4x/16x gets Nero express up and running
Burns a data disc , works fine on his system yet just spins up in any other machine with a pop-up saying invalid media not formatted
So he thinks drive is shot, installs Nu tech DVDRW 8x/4x/16x same thing happens:confused:

System is XP home with all the latest drivers installed, everything shows up in device manager ok

Using TDK and Memorex media burnt at every possible speed, also tried using Sonic software all with the same results

Any one got any ideas

is he sure that the dvd-rom drives in these “other machines” are capable of reading dvd+rw?

ok good point i assumed that a drive would read +or- automatically

So how do i test if a drive can read dvd+