Help with DVD-RW

I am a newbie. I searched the database but still do not feel I have answered my problems with burning to dvd-rw and still be able to erase afterwards.
My burner is an LG and supposedly can read, burn and erase both DVD +RW/-RW. I manage to compile video DVDs just fine. Nero recognizes the inserted disc as DVD-RW. I don’t format the disc or anything like that.
I don’t close the session when I’m done burning. My computer and or DVD player plays the things perfectly. I’d then like to erase the files and be able to burn another movie to the disc. Now way from that point forward is says not a recordable DVD if I want to burn over the top or if I try to do a quick or full erase it says it is not a rewriteable DVD. It simply seed it as DVD-R.
I would greatly appreciate some helpful hints on what I am missing.
Thank You.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Try a full erase with ImgBurn, that often works where Nero fails.

Some software (Alcohol, Daemon Tools) can also cause this behaviour, but settings can be changed within those programs to fix it.

Awesome. I downloaded imgburn and it immediately erased the dvd-rw and allowed me to put new material on it. Then proceeded to deepsix Alcohol. Daemon tools will probably not be far behind.
Keeping dvd decrypter so I can make a copy to keep on the computer for rewriting later.
Arachne, many thanks for the helpful advice to a newbie.

You’re welcome, Finner, glad to help :slight_smile:

If you decide you want to keep DT, look for a setting in the options called “Hide CD-R media” or something similar, and make sure it’s not checked. :wink: