Help with dvd-rom

I have burnt a DVD-R using a NEC DVD re-writer and Nero 6 with 1.6MB of data and all is OK

BUT when I try to copy the disk from my Samsung DVD-Rom to the above re-writer also using Nero 6 it says the disk has 22,688 MB of data on it and therefore wont let me copy it, keeps asking for higher capacity media

NEC DVD re-writer shows 1.6MB of data
Samsung DVD-rom shows 22,688MB of data

Any advice would be appreciated

Bob4, are you trying to copy onto the same disc?


Which nero program are you trying to use to copy it?

Sounds to me like you might have NERO in CD mode instead of DVD mode.

To all
thanks for response

no not trying to copy on to the same disk
using nero 6 DVD data mode
not using CD mode

any other sugestions would be appreciated


Copy the data from the DVD-ROM to the hard drive, then burn the data from the hard drive back to the DVD.