Help with dvd movie maker

:smiley: Hi. am new to the site. found you all when looking on google to try and find an answer to a problem but to be honest couldnt understand or follow what was being said. please be patient and the simplist easiest replies would be appreciated :smiley: I have a lot of old videos and have copied them onto dvd. What i would like to do is go through them and edit them on the computer. in movie maker it wont let me import dvd from drive. whats the best way and programme to do this please. thank you :slight_smile:

Did you convert the old video files into dvd-video? In other words, are they now in a Video_TS folder as .vob files on the dvd disk? Will they play in a stand-alone player now like a commercially made dvd?

Or did you simply burn them to a disk as data files, still in their original format?

There are different editing programs for different formats. There are a lot of programs that can handle avi or dv for example, but fewer that are good for mpeg2 (or mpeg2 inside vob container files).

It would also help to know what types of editing you plan. Do you want to do simple cuts, or do you want transitions and menus as well?

One that should be able to handle most formats is Womble Video Wizard DVD. There is a free trial for you to download and test to see if it will fit your needs. It may be more elaborate than you want.

:slight_smile: thanks kerry. old videos just copied to dvd on a dvd recorder so play on computer and in dvd players.
not sure what you mean by transitions etc - at the mo just wanna choose bits, join together and add music. gonna have a look at womble video wizard.:smiley:

Janis, welcome to our site. Kerry gave you good advice. What he was referring to, is that if you just want to cut pieces from your video, and then put some of them together onto one video, womble will be just fine. If you plan on doing extensive editing (cutting frames, adding effects), etc., it is best to go back to your original video, recapture it as avi or dv-avi, edit, encode, then burn…

:confused: thanks harley2ride how would i do that please? the problem is getting the files from the dvd drive to movie maker, it wont let me import from drive. i do not have my very old video camera anymore so wonder how would i get video onto computer. sorry for seeming a bit dim but i really have little knowledge of this as you can tell

What format is your old video in (VHS, Super8, MiniDV)?

If all you have now is the dvd (in dvd video format), you can rip to the hard drive using DVDDecrypter. There isn’t any encryption on your home made dvd of course, but the program will let you move the video from the disk to the hard drive of your computer anyway.

Download it here:

:frowning: hi harley2ride Hi kerry. video is vhs. have been playing around with womble programme and have managed to get files from dvd drive. been playing and trying to work out how it all works. am i right in thinking you can only work programme if the dvd disc you working on is in drive. ( if you know what i mean!!!) have saved to my docs (and re found) a few clips i am practising on. brain hurts at the mo :smiley: are there any tips you can give me? next problem will be adding music file i have on computer then burning to disc:confused:

If your originals are on vhs, it wouldn’t cost much to get to where you could capture them in avi format. For adding tracks, editing, etc., that is by far the best. But you should be able to add music to your video using womble. There should be some tutorials you can find by using google. You will just have to try one, and see if the end quality is acceptable. If it is not, you always have the option of buying a firewire or usb device which you can hook up to your printer (through your vcr), and capture the video, edit, add tracks, encode and burn, and get very nice results…

Thanks very much harley2ride. gonna keep going with womble and see what happens and what the end result is. might take me some time though what with work etc. will let you know how i get on and if you dont mind can i call on you again if there are any probs :smiley:

I check these posts here regularly. But if you don’t get an answer after quite some time, feel free to pm me.

:slight_smile: thank you

:smiley: hi. just to update you on progress. all done :clap: womble video maker was great, easy to use. thank you both for all your help. :flower: mission accomplished. its great to have such fab help and recommend you to all

Thanks for letting us know. It is always good to get feedback from people we try to help.

Yes Janis.
Very glad it worked for you. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Womble Mpeg software, for working with MPEG2 files. It’s very good, as long as you don’t need to do alot of frame accurate editing…