Help with DVD home movies

I bought the Sony Handycam 40 minidv with the intent of making home movies to watch and share with family/friends. I used Ulead Visual Studio 7.0 for the video capture and creating of the DVD. But when I was done my home dvd player wouldnt play it and when I tried to run it on my box it said it was missing the appropriate codec(using WMP-10).

What software and steps do I need to take to capture video off my camera, edit it and burn it so that I can actually burn DVD’s to watch on the TV and send to friends and family.
Thanks for future advice,

The reason WMP 10 does not play the disc is because there is no built in DVD Decoder in the software. If you have another DVD Player software installed like Cyberlink PowerDVD then you would be able to play the DVD disc in WMP 10.

There could be a few reasons why the disc does not play in your DVD player. The discs might not be compatible with your DVD palyer. This is true mainly of older DVD players. Or your DVD might not have been DVD compliant when you were authoring it. Have you tried to play the disc in another DVD player? if its possible for you to try it in a friends player and see if it works.

The software you are using is good for home video. Other software you could look at is Pinnacle Studio 9.

Ah, Thank you. I’ll try your suggestions.