Help with DVD file size!

I have moulin Rouge that I want to convert to a VCD. I have it in two avi files, that are over 700Mb in size! Whenever I go into Nero and try to put them onto a cd (after it converts them) it says there is not enough space on the CD!! I was told that you could have 800mb on a 700mb cd on this site, yet mine won’t allow it.:frowning: The files playback is 62 minutes each.
Could someone help please??!!:confused:

Don’t worry, I’ve found out how to oversize the cd. I just hope it works!!!:confused:

2 different ways to fit more data on a cd. Both are unreliable.

  1. Overburn.

  2. Write as mode2 instead of mode1
    Mode 2 does away with most of the error checking, but for video/audio it’s okay.


VCD’s have to be written as ISO Mode 2 Form 2. There is no other option for this video format.

Standard audio and data files can’t be written to Mode 2 Form 2 with premastering software.

Therefore, Mode 2 Form 2 is not an option to add more data on a CD, it is simply the standard for VCD’s.

Oops, I should read the post more carefully.

As Inertia wrote, VCD are written in mode 2 form 2, which uses the full 2352 sectors in comparison to mode 1’s 2048 sectors.

You are measuring the size of the mpeg files as if they are stored in mode1 as data with ECC.

However, when writing VCD, the mpeg file is stored as a VCD video stream without ECC because errors are less significant. Who cares if a few pixels or audio samples are incorrect. It is virtually unnoticable. However, it would spell disaster if a data or program file had errors.

On a VCD, you can fit a 746.48MB mpoeg video file on a single 74min/650MB CDR.

Or for a VCD, 803.9MB mpeg video file on a single 80min/700MB CDR.

it depends on how good the encoding is…higher bit rates will lead to lesser "movie-time"on the disk
because there is more data needed for every minute of video that will be displayed on your screen


did you get it to work? i am also having the exact same problem with mine. i can’t fit a 610MB avi file onto an 800MB disc. why is this and what did you do to get it to work? thanks

do you want a vcd or just the avi on a cd??

if you want the avi on a cd, just burn it as a data-cd.

if you want a vcd…the avi is encoded to mpeg which takes much more space on the disk

i want an avi to convert to mpeg to make a vcd. so if it takes alot more space, how do i know if an avi will fit onto a cd or not?

nero tells you if it fits if you want to burn it like a vcd

avi’s must first be converted to mpegs before they can be used as VCD’s…and then the cd can hold either 74 or 80 minutes, depending on the length it says :wink:

when does nero tell you if it will fit or not? after it tries to encode it for a couple of hours right?

also, if nero is able to encode it, does it keep it the same quality, or does it make the quality of the picture worse?

always worser

before encoding

you should be able to tell if it will fit or not based on the length in minutes : seconds :slight_smile: over 80 = no go, without overburn

well like i said earlier, i tried burning an avi film that was 66 minutes long and 610MB large and having nero convert it to vcd format for me, and it did not work. so in this case, the file was not longer than 80 minutes. and i was using an 700Mb 80 minute CD. any ideas?


you are right…was thinking about svcd and xvcd


if the length of the movie is 80min…the movie will fit on a disk of 80 min.

if the movie is 74 min…then it willl fit on a 74 min disk

oz–where can i find this ‘Create Standard Compliant CD’? i could not find it on nero 5.0. will this correct my problem? i hope so…

it is on one of the tabs afther you choose video cd in the wizard

i just noticed the create standard compliant cd tab and it has been checked this whole time. any other suggestions on why i still cannot fit the 66minute avi file into vcd format with nero?