HELP with DVD Drives!




My Dell Inspiron 1750 Laptop suddenly “lost” the Dvd Drive!! I cannot see it when I click on computer, or when I am in any program such as Itunes…please help!!! I cant find the drivers online or anything…not sure what to do!! I can open the DVD drive and I can hear it spin up??

Also, I am trying to use an exernal HP dvd840 device since the one in my laptop wont work, and I cant find the drivers for that either!!

I am totally striking out!!

Thanks so much!!!



The drivers for optical drives are contained within the operating system, and don’t need to be updated. Same holds for usb, though you might need a motherboard chipset driver when first setting up the computer, depending on the type of computer.

You might need to delete the upper and lower filters. You can try the Fix It tool from Microsoft on this page: Or you can follow the instructions for doing this manually on that same page.


Thanks for helping me -

I did try the fix it tool, and it didnt work…:sad:


The instructions for going into the registry and doing the filter removal manually might work for you.

If the drive shows up in Device Manager, you can also try right clicking on the listing for it and uninstalling the drive. Then reboot and let the operating system find the “new” hardware.


I just checked devices, and it does see the external hard drive but says it needs a fix. When I click for the fix, it says it cant fix it!! Says it has a driver problem??

I cannot see the regular drive in the laptop though…


ooh, it had a picture of the laptop with an exclamation point on it. I double clicked…shows Optaric DVD drive 758 OS

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Any thoughts?


The fact that you mentioned iTunes triggered a memory for me, and it seems that iTunes can have an ill effect on dvd drives. Take a look at this page:


Thank you so much for your help!!! The site you let me to led us to the right answer!! YAY!!!:cool:


Glad you got it sorted out.


Thanks to your wonderful help!!!:bow:


thank you. Ihad a very similar issue with myexternal hard DVD writer.