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Hello to All,

Wondering if anyone could help me with my question, I have a Sony DVD Dual RW Drive Burner, I’m using DVD Shrink 3.2, I have Nero Version 6 and I am using BitComet to download my movies. I use TDK DVD-R disks. My question is I have no problem downloading or burning these movies but I can’t seem to play the movies on certain DVD players. I can play all the movies on our main DVD player but when I try to play them on the PS2 players or portable DVD players it comes up with an error of either DVD-R no files or Bad Disc,

Is there anyone out there that could tell me why this happens or if I am downloading the movies incorrectly somehow. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Also, another quick question is DVD shrink 2007 a better program to use.

Thanks again.
Mel37 :confused:


There is no such thing as ‘DVD Shrink 2007’, except for some people trying to make you pay for what is old freeware (aka DVD Shrink 3.2).

Assuming you have read the rules you signed up to about copyrighted movies, what format are you downloading them in?


Yup… :iagree:



Why bother with “downloaded” movies?