Help with DVD Decrypter

All of a sudden my backup files are not saved as .ISO, all files are saved as .I00 and .I01; the .MDS file is still saved. Did I mistakenly change a setting in the software.

Please help.

try uninstalling it and reinstalling it

Uninstall and reinstall did not work

On a FAT 32 filesystems files larger than 4 GB cannot not be properly handle so splits the backup files on such systems into a multipart or segmented ISO which consists of several 1 GB files with an enumerated extension like .i01, .i02 and an .mds file of a few bytes which holds info on the parts. So if you are going to burn this movie, do it via the mds file.

If this applys to you.

In case you do have some FAT32 partition under XP you can convert it to NTFS which can hold files larger than 4 GB. Although you do NOT have to format your drive - you can convert it with data being on it as long as it’s got some space left - you should backup your data anyway! After that open a command prompt and use ‘convert mydriveletter /fs:NTFS’.

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NTFS solved the problem, thanks.