Help with DVD Decrypter



I am in thr process of burning a film and using DVD Decrypter and during the burning process it comes up with a problem and says do you want to retry, abort or ignore and i’ve had tryed ignore and retry but they both take for ever and i don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the burning.
The problem is as follows from the DVD Decrypter log:
Illegal mode for this track 1611276
Illegal mode for this track 1611565
Illegal mode for this track 1613937
This has never come up with my previous burning
Please can someone help?


Did you try cleaning the disc?


i have the same problem every now and then. before it starts buring i get an error where i have the option to retry or ignore. i just hit ignore and it starts burning.


go to prefs…iso write tab…and uncheck lock drive for exclusive access. that’s the only time i get a Abort, Retry, Ignore error.




What DVD are you trying to burn?

Some of the Columbia Pictures DVD’s and Some Lion’s Gate DVD are using a newer folder system.

They have replaced Audio TS with a Jacket PS folder. They newest DVD decrypter seems to cut right through these.

The FOllowing DVD’s seem to have this issue

Resident Evil 2 (Sony/Columbia)
Open Water (Lion’s Gate/ Columbia)
Rollerball (MGM)
Dogma (Columbia)